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Activated Sludge and BNR Workshop Recap

Updated: Jun 7

Recap of the May 2024 Activated Sludge and BNR Fundamentals Training

This year, the NWEA organized two 2-day training sessions on Activated Sludge and BNR Fundamentals for its members from Northern and Southern Nevada. The Truckee Meadows Water Reclamation Facility (TMWRF) hosted the first session on May 22-23rd. Chris Machado was the presenter. He is a senior principal at Stantec with over 20 years of experience in wastewater treatment process design, facility assessment and planning, process optimization, design management, and engineering services during construction. Chris worked as an engineer in Nevada for 16 years and served several public agencies, such as Clark County Water Reclamation District, City of Las Vegas, City of North Las Vegas, Carson City, City of Reno, City of Sparks, and the City of Winnemucca. The training sessions consisted of six modules approved by the NWEA. The modules covered: (1) Activated Sludge; (2) Nitrogen Removal; (3) Phosphorus Removal; (4) Aeration; (5) Secondary Clarifiers; and (6) Sidestream Management. The participants learned and reviewed basic concepts of biological nutrient removal with practical examples and operation tips. Operators from Carson City, Lyon County, City of Reno, and City of Sparks, Storey County, local consultants, and third party operation service providers participated in the training sessions.


Some workshop attendees joined Dave Wozynski, TMWRF Crew Supervisor, and Mike Persyn, Wastewater Process Engineer, for a guided tour of the TMWRF treatment facility after the last session. You can see pictures from the tour in the gallery below, and watch this Youtube Video if you want to know more about TMWRF. The group got to observe the principles taught in the training in action, such as the activated sludge EBPR basins and the Ostara PearlR process. They also saw TMWRF’s innovative Nuvoda MOB full scale pilot, which is the biggest facility of its kind in the nation.

Future BNR Workshop (South)

If you missed out on this opportunity, Chris will be holding this same BNR Workshop at the Segler Water Reclamation Facility in Henerson, NV on June 5-6.

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