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The Nevada Water Environment Association (NWEA) student chapter at University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) participated in the 2022 international Student Design Competition, held at WEFTEC in New Orleans, LA. A team of 8 students were working on the design of “Treatment of Stormwater in Stormwater Channels and Las Vegas Wash in Las Vegas Valley, Nevada” with the assistance and mentorship of collaborating experts, Clark County Road division, and utilities for their design. Three members traveled to New Orleans, LA to showcase the automated design for stormwater channels in Las Vegas. During monsoon season, large and small debris and direct littering may block the stormwater channel and prevent the water from flowing to the Las Vegas Wash, causing various health concerns, odor, and overflowing the pavements. In addition, stormwater channels near homeless encampments receive human fecal matter and urine from the homeless. The NWEA Student Chapter at the UNLV worked on a conceptual design to clean large debris, suspended solids, and contaminants in the stormwater channels and Las Vegas Wash. The objective was to design an automated collection device to remove debris from stormwater channels to prevent the debris from blocking the water flow in stormwater channels. Furthermore, the NWEA student chapter at UNLV designed a filtration treatment process to remove smaller debris, suspended solids, and contaminants in Las Vegas Wash.


Las Vegas Student Chapter

See what our students are doing at the 2020 UNLV Student Design Presentation

Student Design Competiton 
Wastewater Environment Division

From left to right, Shams Razzak Rothee, Hamed Heidari, and Alina Shrestha. The design team collaborated closely with NWEA outreach delegate Blake Gonska, who provided significant ideas on design and cost estimation. Prof. Eakalak Khan for his encouragement and insightful insights. Thank you to Sabrina Dodos for her time and knowledge in shaping the graduates in this sector of water and wastewater.

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