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Our Annual

NWEA Awards

At NVWEA, we’re dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the achievements of members in our professional organization. We’re now inviting all NVWEA members to apply for our awards and be recognized for your hard work and dedication to your field.

We’re proud to recognize the best and brightest in our organization and invite you to join us in recognizing the achievements of our members. Apply now to be part of NVWEA’s awards and celebrate your accomplishments!

Award applications must be submitted by Sunday, JANUARY 14th.

WEF Awards

 WEF recognizes outstanding members at every member association through these WEF awards. NWEA will review the applications received for these awards and make a recommendation to WEF from the applications received. 

Nomination forms are available on the WEF website, use the button for applications below.

Award applications are due Friday, JANUARY 5th to Jennifer Mason:

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Our Collection

Recognizing Awardees

We are proud to recognize and congratulate all of our award winners for their hard work and dedication to the water and wastewater industries. With the help of our members and partners, NVWEA strives to make a positive impact on the environment and the people living in Nevada.

NWEA Lifetime Achievement

Randall Gray - 2018

NWEA Lifetime Service

Keli Callahan - 2023
Suey Huey - 2022
Dave Brant - 2021
John Solvie - 2019
Dr. David James - 2018

NWEA Collections System Operator of the Year

Thomas Hout 2021
Tom McKinzey 2014

NWEA Public Official of the Year

Mayor Ed Lawson, City of Sparks - 2023
Mark Amodei, United States House of Representatives - 2020
Mayor Ron Smith, City of Sparks - 2019
Governer Brian Sandoval - 2018
Commissioner Vaugh Hartung - 2018

NWEA Industrial Waste Inspector of the Year

Mark Irwin 2020 (North)
Mark Palsgrove (South)
Mark Irwin 2019
Ken Peck
Julie Garrett 2015

NWEA Operator of the Year

David McBride 2023
Alan Villalobos 2022
Rich Lewis 2021
Donald "Lee" Beard 2019
Marvin Taclas "Rookie" 2019
Aaron Stickley 2018
Jennifer Lopez 2017
Stephen Foster 2017
Don Geary 2016
David Wozynski 2016
Brett Warne 2015
Alycia Ybarra 2015
Shannon Dagel 2014
LaToya Blanche 2013
Scott Nelson 2013
Mike Bailey 2012
James Brink 2012
Mark Dunbar 2012
Todd Dyer 2006
Paul Gielgens 2005
Noel Huber 2004
Dave Howell 2003
Adrian Edwards 2002
Richard Leger 2001
Bob Menezes 2000
Tom Swan 1999
Bill Shepherd 1998
Eugene Davis 1996

NWEA Presidental Service Award

Casey Mentzer 2022/23
Jake Jacobson 2021/22
Krishna Pagilla 2020/21
Charlie Lee 2019/20
Jennifer Lopez 2018/19
Nikita Lingenfelter 2017/18
Terri Svetich 2016/17
Keli Callahan 2015/16
John Buzzone 2014/15
Angela MacKinnon 2012

NWEA Rookie of the Year

Debbie Rowberry 2021
Cory Bateman 2020 (North)
Todd Williams 2020 (South)
Marvin Taclas 2019
Matthew J. Anderson 2018
Jerry Aubrey 2017
Casey Mentzer 2017
Michael (Cody) McDougall 2016
Angel LaCroix 2015
Kyle Cowger 2014
Barry Hicks 2014
Alan Wolfley 2014

NWEA Wastewater Quality Analyst of the Year

Michael Arrasate 2021
Amy Egan 2017
Tom Farrell 2012
Rita Smith 2011
David Bruketta 2010
Randy Hadland 2005
Patricia Leon 2004
Lillie Fleming 2002
Wendy Doyle 2001
Virginia Swipas 1997

NWEA Young Professional Of the Year

Daylin Sigler 2023
Abigail Sumanis, Blaga Delic 2022
Casey Mentzer 2021
Sabrina Rivera 2020
Angel Lacroix 2019
LaToya Blanche 2015
Jennifer Davis 2013
Candice Elder 2012
Leisa Tucker 2006

WEF Bedell Awards

Nikita Lingenfelter 2023
Keli Callahan 2020
Rick Warner 2019
Linda Peterson 2012
Dr. David James 2011
Jay Patel 2010
Leslie Long 2009
Paul Orphan 2008
Eric Leveque 2006
Starlin Jones 2005
Joe Maez 2004
Rick Warner 2002
Dennis Hugh 2001
Thomas Swan 1999
Steve Cottrell 1998
James P. Devlin 1996
Lynn Orphan 1995
Debra K. Bolding 1993
John G.M. Gonzales 1987
James B. Williams, Jr. 1981
Wendell D. McCurry 1978
James Wren-Jarvis 1972
James Dunn 1969
Robert Churn 1966
W.H. Blackmer 1966

Burke Award Recipients

City of Carson City Water Reclamation Plant 2021
CCWRD - Laughlin Reclamation Facility 2020
Truckee Meadows Water Reclamation Facility 2019
City of Carson City Water Reclamation Plant 2012
City of Las Vegas Water Pollution Control Facility 2010
Truckee Meadows Water Reclamation Facility 2007
City of Henderson Water Reclamation Facility 2003
City of Henderson Water Reclamation Facility 2000
City of Henderson Water Reclamation Facility 1997
City of Henderson Water Reclamation Facility 1994
Reno-Sparks Wastewater Treatment Facility 1991
Clark County Sanitation District Secondary Treatment Plant 1986
Reno-Sparks Wastewater Treatment Facility 1983

WEF Delegate Award

Nikita Lingenfelter 2021
Starlin Jones 2011
Rick Warner 2010

WEF Laboratory Analyst Award

Natalianne Tuttle 2023

WEF Hatfield Award

Andrew Maneggio 2023

NWEA Plant Maintenance Technologist of the Year

Nikolai Nikolov, John Mahoe 2020
Steve Shaffer, Brandon Johnson 2019

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