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Approved Training CEUs

Our aim is to help our members reach their full potential through professional growth and development. We also provide resources for members to apply for positions and connect with like-minded professionals. Become part of the NVWEA family today and start making a difference in your career.


CLICK HERE for CEU Approved list   as of February 14, 2024

*Please see Approved Training - Post Secondary for additional courses*

Tri-State Seminar Approved Courses

Nevada Rural Approved Courses

WEF Approved Courses

WEF  Wastewater Treatment Fundamentals, I Short Courses

Additional Approved Courses *onsite, specific date, and/or conferences* these courses typically happen only once a year or change yearly.


Individual CEU Courses must have:
1. Be in the form of a certificate
2. have hours or CEU's received
3. Instructor Name and Signature
4. Date

Conference or Seminars must have:
1. Class name
2. Hours per class
3. Conference or Seminar name
4. Date of Conference or Seminar

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