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2023 Golf Tournament

By: Hamed Hedari

The Nevada Water Environment Association (NWEA) Golf Tournament is an annual event that brings together professionals from the water and wastewater industry for a day of friendly competition and networking. The tournament serves as a platform for industry members to connect, exchange ideas, and support the NWEA's mission of promoting environmental stewardship in Nevada's water resources. Participants, including engineers, operators, consultants, and vendors, eagerly anticipate this event as an opportunity to showcase their golf course skills while raising funds for the association's initiatives.

The first NWEA Golf Tournament exceeded expectations, with a record number of contenders vying for the top spots. The event attracted diverse participants from across the industry, resulting in a highly competitive yet fun atmosphere. The unexpected surge in the number of contenders speaks to the tournament's growing popularity and the enthusiasm of professionals within the water and wastewater sector to engage in friendly competition. The increased level of competition only added to the excitement and camaraderie among participants, fostering an environment of collaboration and mutual support throughout the tournament.

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