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1st Annual Water Palooza in Reno

By: Monica Morales

Nevada Water Environment Association had its first Water Palooza event in Reno, NV. The event served as a platform to raise awareness about water conservation, environmental sustainability, and the importance of responsible water management. The Katherine Dunn Elementary School was treated to engaging activities, including educational workshops and interactive exhibits.

A huge thanks to all the faculty at Katherine Dunn Elementary School for hosting this event so that the entire school could attend! I even heard a student tell her teacher at the end of the day “I LOVE Water Palooza!” Thanks to all the agency and company volunteers that took the time to set up, share about your water related work, and facilitate fun activities for the students! We are so excited to be able to have this event again next year and are already planning on how to make this even more fun for everyone! If anyone is interested in participating next year, please reach out!

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