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NWEA Board Application

Open Board Positions  - 2024

Due: 2/9/2024

Secretary (4-YEAR COMMITMENT):

The first step in executive leadership for the NWEA board. Requires a four-year commitment beginning with Secretary and ending with Past- President. The role of Secretary includes creating the monthly agenda and meeting minutes and attending NWEA events. To maintain our north-south leadership rotation, applicants are highly encouraged to be from the south.


  • Providing Executive Board monthly updates from WEF; normally will receive updates from WEF directly. 

  • Attend WEFMAX conference (if budgeted and approved by Executive Board); optional. 

  • Provide annual “MA Meeting Report” to WEF.

  • Attend Quarterly HOD meeting (online meeting). 

  • Attend WEFTEC for annual meeting (if budgeted and approved by Executive Board); required.

  • Apply for HOD Committees and/or workshops. Do not need to be on a WEF Committee but it is encouraged. 

  • Act as liaison for WEF representative for NWEA conference. Need to fill out and submit Coordination Sheet before conference.

NWEA Board Application
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