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2024 Conference Recap

Monday of the conference started off as a sprint. The Executive and Certification Boards are only together in-person a handful of times each year. Conference is one of these occasions and each board hosted meetings where great conversations happened. NWEA is always looking to improve and better serve our membership, we came up with some great ideas for 2024-2025!

NWEA' annual conference is a time of celebration and learning. The new Executive Officers officially take on their new roles with the organization. This year, we are excited to welcome Aaron Kraft as the new Secretary and thank Casey Mentzer for his service as he ended his Past-President term! Dave Williams from CCWRD is now President. We also recognized a record number of WEF and NWEA award winners from throughout the state. Ensuring that we recognize our co-workers and teammates for the amazing work that they do every day is an important action we must remember to take.

NWEA is a unique organization because our membership and leadership is comprised of members throughout the state of Nevada. We strive to maintain this diversity to ensure all viewpoints and communities are represented. The conference provides a great opportunity to network with our friends in the north south and everywhere in between.

Thank you to our sponsors and exhibitors. We appreciate your generosity and continued support.

Keep in touch to see all of the exciting ideas we have for this year!

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