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  1. Reports to the President and in his/her absence to President Elect.
  2. Serves as financial officer for the Association.
  3. Makes sure all income and expenditures are properly entered into the records of the Associations and that all moneys collected are transferred to the proper accounts without loss. Make sure that all bills and vouchers for payment are proper and in order and that payments are promptly made. Sign or see to the signing of checks or drafts against funds of the Association according to procedures established or approved by the Board.
  4. Prepare a financial summary of accrued income and expenses and present to the Board at each Board Meeting.
  5. Prepare an annual financial statement of the books as of June 30th of the previous year and as of the end of the month preceding the Annual Meeting and present at the Annual Meeting. Such books shall be made available for audit.
  6. Maintain records of the annual budget.
  7. Assists President as necessary in formation of budgets and financial plans for the Association.
  8. Prepares IRS Tax Form and maintain documentation necessary to maintain tax exempt status.
  9. Assists President as necessary in coordinating the affairs of the Association.
  10. Provides input to policy decisions of the Association.
  11. Serves as voting member of the Board.
  12. Performs other duties as assigned by the Board of Directors.
  13. Promotes membership and involvement in the Association.
  14. Attends WEF Annual MA Exchange Meeting and WEFTEC Conference.

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