Certification Meeting Minutes
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Nevada Board of Certification
Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators
Meeting Minutes
July 12, 2012

Meeting was called to order at 8:30 AM

Meeting was held via conference call between Carson City and Las Vegas

South:  John Solvie, Adrian Edwards
North:  Kelvin Ikehara, Harvey Johnson, Joe Crim, Jr., Jennifer McMartin, and Kim Borgzinner (NDEP)

Item #1
Introduction of guests

  • Kim Borgzinner from NDEP was attending on behalf of My Linh Nguyen.

Item #2
April 24, 2012 Meeting Minutes

  • The meeting minutes were approved by the Board via email.

Item #3
Program Administrator Report

  • The following numbers are compared to the applications that were received in June of 2011:
    • There are 28 less exams.
    • There are 17 less renewals.
    • We have received 1 more reciprocity application.
    • There are 22 less late fees.
  • Passing Rates
    • Overall passing rate is 50%.
    • Pencil/Paper passing rate is 45%.
    • Computerized passing rate is 56%.
      • There are 10 pending computerized exam applications.
  • NVRWA has asked NWEA to email the operators regarding upcoming training classes that they are scheduling.
    • The Board agreed to email the operators regarding the training classes.
  • Future exam dates.  The Board discussed and decided to change the exam dates to the 3rd Thursday of March, June, September and December.
  • There are 2 Board members that have terms that expire in December of 2012.
    • The Program Administrator will coordinate the notification with the NWEA President.

Item #4
NDEP Contract/Regulation Changes

  • This item has been tabled.

Item #5
Continuing Education Participation Update

  • There are 159 operators participating in the Voluntary CEU program.
  • CEU Plan requested to be an approved training provider.  We have no such designation, but will continue to approve their classes upon review.

Item #6
Distance Education/Online Courses

  • No report

Item #7
Policies & Procedures

  • Reciprocity policy
    • The policy discussed in the last meeting was approved, with an added timeframe for operators that were already in the process of testing.  Two general comments were received about the policy.  The issues raised were discussed, but no changes in the policy were proposed as a result.

Item #8
ABC Update

  • ABC is working with the psychometricians at Professional Testing Inc. on the passing score for the new exams.  ABC will notify us when the new exams will become available. 
  • ABC is launching a Continuing Education Review program.  ABC will be holding a webinar next week that will discuss the program.

Item #9
Training Update

  • NVRWA is starting monthly training for operators.
  • The NWEA is budgeting to support four training sessions per year (2 North and 2 South).  Details will be forthcoming from NWEA.
  • WEF recently had a great membrane webinar, watch for upcoming sessions.

Item #10
Water Certification Board Update

  • Kingsbury has started a “ride along” program where students could receive class credit for shadowing water operators and watching what they do.  The students do not get paid, and cannot do any work, but hopefully the exposure to operations work will get them interested in the field.
  • The Veterans Administration has recently started a program to train vets in certain areas, water may be a field of interest.

Item # 11
Website update

  • The website has been updated regularly, everything is working fine.

Item #12
New Business

  • None

Item #13
Next Board Meeting

  • October 11, 2012 around 9:00am depending on flights
  • Location will be at the City of Henderson USSB building, 450 E. Galleria Dr, Henderson


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