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Nevada Board of Certification
Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators
Meeting Minutes
February 11, 2011
Via Conference call – CCWRD & DCSID

Meeting was called to order at 8:30 AM

Attendees:  John Solvie, Kelvin Ikehara, Harvey Johnson, Bill Shepherd, Adrian Edwards, Dave Commons and Jennifer McMartin.

Absent: Joe Crim

Item #1

  • Introduction of guest
    • None

Item #2

  • Approval of minutes of November 4, 2010 meeting
    • Motion made by Harvey, 2nd by Kelvin, approved.  Motion carries.

Item #3

  • Program Administrator Report
    • Wastewater and collection certifications have been increasing over the last four years.
    • Computerized exams update
    • Examinees in January have not been doing very well.
    • 2010/2011 Budget – The Certification Board travel/training budget has been exceeded (as approved by the Executive Board for ABC conference attendance), but overall our expenditures are within the budgeted amount.

Item #4

  • Assistant Program Administrator Items
    • Certification Board member terms expiring. (Joe, Adrian, Starlin, Kelvin)
    • Joe Crim, Adrian Edwards, Kelvin Ikehara have been reappointed by the Executive Board to the Certification Board.
    • Dave Commons was appointed by the Executive Board to fill the vacancy left by Starlin Jones.
    • Discussed the retitling of the Board officers and staff.  John will put together a summary that defines the roles and new titles of the officers and staff.  It will be sent to the Certification Board for approval, then to the Executive Board for final approval.  The suggested changes are:
    • Chairman title remains the same
    • Program Administrator will be retitled the Vice Chairman
    • Vice Chairman will be retitled the Secretary
    • Assistant Program Administrator will be retitled the Program Administrator
    • Per the NWEA Bylaws the Board Officers were reappointed as:
    • Chairman:  Bill Shepherd
    • Program Administrator:  Harvey Johnson
    • Vice Chairman:  Joe Crim
    • Motion made by Bill, 2nd by Kelvin, approved. Motion carries.
    • SOPs were developed for the Board officers.  The SOPs will be voted on via email after the changes to the titles have been made.
  • WEFMAX Attendance
    • NWEA has offered to sponsor 1 Certification and 1 Executive Board member to attend.  The meeting dates need to be confirmed.  Once a date is decided the Certification Board will decide who will be attending. 
  • NWEA/NDEP Mixer
    • The discharge meeting has already passed.  Jennifer will notify the Executive Board regarding the mixer. 
  • 2011/2012 Budget
    • The 2011/2012 budget was presented to the Board.  The budgeted amount for postage was increased to $3,250 due to the upcoming increase.  John made a motion to approve the budget as amended 2nd by Harvey, approved.  Motion carries. 
  • Replacement Proctors
    • Our current Las Vegas proctor has a conflict on some of the exam dates.  Our Reno proctors are no longer available.  In the interim the APA will proctor the Reno exams.  The APA is looking for replacement proctors.

Item #5

  • NDEP contract/regulation changes
  • Bill will discuss the possibility of regulation changes with NDEP. 

Item #6

  • Continuing education participation update
    • There are currently 72 certified individuals that have submitted continuing education documentation.
    • The list of pre-approved courses was discussed.  Harvey & Bill will do some additional research.

Item #7

  • Distance Education/Online Courses
    • Bill will check with CSN regarding the possibility of online courses.

Item #8

  • Policies & Procedures
    • No new policies at this time.

Item # 9

  • ABC Update
  • Enhanced Exam Psychometrics
  • ABC is moving forward with the ANSI Accreditation for the wastewater treatment, collection, water treatment and distribution standardized exam development process and certification process.  Doing so will provide greater exam defensibility for testing clients.
  • V&E Committee meeting at the ABC annual conference
  • New exam blueprints were developed using the recently completed job task analysis data.  The new standardized exams will be ready for delivery in the coming months.
  • Jennifer McMartin received a Presidential Recognition Award during the ABC conference for her tireless efforts in supporting and advancing ABC during 2010.
  • ABC Annual Conference Overview
  • American Disability Act update
  • Water Training Institute offers an Associates degree in Water Resources – based in Kentucky.
  • New ABC standardized exams will be developed every year for the core exams, which includes the wastewater treatment exams and collection exams.
  • Biosolids Certification
  • Industrial Waste Inspector Exam
    • This exam is a Nevada prescriptive exam as ABC does not currently develop exams for this job discipline.  John will explore potential partnerships with other state programs who certify in this discipline.

Item #10

  • Training Update
    • LeAnna Risso is teaching a math class in Las Vegas in February.

Item #11

  • Water Certification Forum Update
  • Next meeting will be at NVRWA Annual Conference
  • NDEP has hired a replacement.  They are diligently working to process the renewals.

Item # 12

  • Website update
    • Jennifer is updating on a regular basis.

Item #13

  • New business for consideration at next meeting?
    • Operator complaint update.

Item #14

  • Next Board Meeting
    • May 2011 at the NWEA Annual Conference.

11:30 AM

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