Certification Meeting Minutes
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Nevada Board of Certification
Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators
Meeting Minutes
May 17, 2010
Meeting was called to order at 1:00 PM
Attendees at DCSID, Zephyr Cove, NV: Kelvin Ikehara, Harvey Johnson, Joe Crim, and Jennifer McMartin
Via Telephone: John Solvie, Bill Shepherd

Absent: Starlin Jones, Adrian Edwards
Item #1
Introduction of guest
• None
Item #2
Approval of minutes of February 11, 2010 meeting:
• Approved via email.
Item #3
Program Administrator report:
• Computer exams update
o There are more computerized exams being taken all the time.

Item #4
Assistant Program Administrator Items:
• CWP (Certified Water Professional)
o No action taken on this item. 
• 25 year operator list
o John Solvie motioned to approve everyone on the list.  Kelvin Ikehara seconded.  Motion was passed.  
• Exit Questionnaire Results
o More math training needed.
• Computerized pass/fail notification
o The computerized exam results will be sent to the Board monthly.
• California Exam process
o No report at this time.
 Item #5
NDEP contract/regulation changes
• Do we want to pursue mandatory CEUs?
• Do we want to push for additional mandatory programs?
o Laboratory is not mandatory anywhere in the US.
o Collections are mandatory in 3 states in the US.
• Fee increase
o An incremental increase may be an option.  We need to come up with an amount that everyone will be able to live with.
o Bill will contact NDEP regarding the fee increase. 
Item #6
Continuing education participation update:
• As of May there are 31 participants.
Item #7
Distance Education/Online Courses:
• No report.
Item #8
Policies & Procedures:
• No changes at this time.
Item #9
Training Update:
• Focus training on math. 
Item #10
Water Certification Board Update:
• Water Board Chairman Harvey Johnson stated that they are looking into offering computer exams for the drinking water exams.
• The water board will be discussing the CWP (Certified Water Professional) at their next Board meeting.

Item #11
ABC Update:
• It is hoped that ABC’s distance education review service will be rolled out by the end of this year.
• ABC had a third party psychometrics audit performed last spring.  The audit findings will be used to enhance ABC’s testing service.
Item #12
Website Update:
• Jennifer McMartin has been updating.  Email addresses are now on the website.  Mass emails will now be sent via the website.
Item #13
New Business for Consideration at next meeting:
• Certified Water Professional
• NDEP Contract status
Item #14
Next Board Meeting:
• Thursday, August 12, 2010 at 9:00am.

3:00 PM

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