Certification Meeting Minutes
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Nevada Board of Certification
Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators
Meeting Minutes
April 14, 2009
South Point Hotel
Las Vegas, NV

Meeting was called to order at 3:30 PM

Attendees:  John Solvie, Adrian Edwards, Kelvin Ikehara, Harvey Johnson, Bill Shepherd, Starlin Jones, Joe Crim, Jennifer McMartin
Absent: None

Item #1
Introduction of guest
• David James

Item #2
Approval of minutes of February 5, 2009 meeting.
• John Solvie makes motion to approve the minutes as presented, Kelvin Ikehara 2nd.
  o Motion carries.

Item #3
Program Administrator report
• Computer exams update
• The number of Certified operators is staying even.
• Low passing percentages on the grade III & IV Wastewater (more training may be required in these areas)
• Ely and Elko will no longer proctor exams at no charge.  They will be charging $15.00 per examinee to proctor an exam.
• Arizona is now using ABC exams.  We can now accept Reciprocity from Arizona provided the examinee took an ABC exam.

Item #4
Assistant Program Administrator Items
• New grade I wastewater exams that were modified by the Certification Board to incorporate additional pond questions should be ready for the June exam cycle.
  o Computerized versions will be ready in 6 weeks from the date submitted to AMP.

Item #5
CEU’S for certification renewals
• Results from the NDEP meeting 02/19/09
  o Given the political and economic climate, adding a mandatory CEU requirement is not likely at this time.
  o NDEP asked the Board to do more research regarding continuing education.  They mentioned the possibility of adding a voluntary CEU requirement.

• Discussed conducting a survey of ABC testing clients regarding voluntary CEU’S & the transition they went through when adding continuing education.  
  o It was decided to hold off on this for now.

• Discussed conducting another survey of the operators regarding value of continuing education.
  o In past surveys operators have expressed overwhelmingly that they would like to have CEU’S so it was decided to hold off on this for now. 

• Discussed a grandfather rule for grade I operators
  o One discussion was that everyone who holds a current certification will be grand fathered.  The Board discussed administrative and fairness issues, and tabled the discussion.

• Professional Engineers – ICE program
  o Further investigation revealed that Nevada Profession Engineers Board does not have an ICE program.

• The Board decided to add a voluntary continuing education requirement for all of the certifications that we offer.   
  o Draft a new policy for voluntary continuing education.  Decided to use the same CEU requirements that the water certification program has.
  o Discussed issuing a sticker for individuals that submit CEUs - CEU endorsement sticker.

Item #9
Policies & Procedures
• 3 revised policies were sent to NDEP per the Scope of Work

Item #10
Training Update
• There is going to be grade III & IV training available at the NWEA Conference.

Item #11
Water Certification Board Update
• At their March meeting it was decided that more operator and post secondary training was needed. They are going to improve the exam notification process. They are in the process of designing a new brochure for Water Professionals.

Item #12
ABC Update
• New Website
  o ABC has a new and improved website. 
• Stormwater certification
  o There is an ABC article being published in the September edition of Stormwater Magazine that discusses the difference between certification programs and certificate programs.  The article was co-authored by John Solvie and Suzanne De la Cruz. 
• The 2011 ABC conference is going to be held in Phoenix/Scottsdale Arizona

Item #13
Website Update
• The website is new and improved

Item #14
New Business for Consideration at next meeting
• None

Item #15
Next Board Meeting
• August 13, 2009 at TMWRF in Reno, NV

6:00 PM

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