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The Quarter Century Operator Club recognizes operators of wastewater treatment facilities for their service and dedication in a difficult and dangerous profession.  The Club was created under the sponsorship of Frank Woodbury Jones, who served as the Clubs' first registrar. 

Eligibility Criteria: 

  • Member of WEF for a minimum of five consecutive years immediately preceding application.

  • Significant, full-time participant in the water environment profession for a minimum of 25 years, 10 years of which must have been in active participation in the day-to-day collections, maintenance, operations, laboratory, or management of a wastewater transportation or treatment facility.

  • Completed and signed application

Applications Accepted From:

WEF Professional Wastewater Operations Members

E-mail or Mail Applications to:
Water Environment Federation Awards Program
Attn: Kelsey Hurst
601 Wythe Street
Alexandria, VA 22314    
Ph: 703-684-2477

Quarter Century Operator Club Recipients

  • Lon Anton

  • John Hart 2001

  • James Wren-Jarvis 2006

  • Greg Ritland 2006

  • John Gonzales 2006

  • Harvey Johnson 2006

  • Kirk Peterson 2011

  • Starlin Jones 2011

  • Dave Commons 2012

  • Douglas Karafa 2012

  • Maynard Maross 2012

  • Bill Shepherd 2012

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